IUPESM STATUTES (the legal structure)

The International Union for Physical and Engineering Sciences in Medicine, hereinafter called “IUPESM”, is an international non-governmental and non-profit making scientific organization.

The legal domicile of IUPESM is Ottawa, Canada.

The principal objectives of IUPESM are:

(a) to contribute to the advancement of physical and engineering science in medicine for the benefit and wellbeing of humanity;

(b) to organize international cooperation and promote communication among those engaged in health-care science and technology;

(c) to coordinate activities of mutual interest to engineering and physical science within the health care field, including international and regional scientific conferences, seminars, working groups, regional support programs and scientific and technical publications;

(d) to represent the professional interests and views of engineers and physical scientists in the health-care community.

In order to further the attainment of these objectives, IUPESM shall be empowered to:

(a) collaborate with the other international scientific and professional bodies;

(b) establish committees, commissions, working groups and other bodies for purposes within its mandate;

(c) organize and coordinate international meetings or conferences for the constituent organizations within the IUPESM, including the triennial World Congress on Medical Physics and Biomedical Engineering;

(d) represent the IUPESM Members in the International Council of Scientific Unions, in accordance with the statutes of ICSU;

(e) disseminate, promote and/or develop standards of practice in the fields of medical physics and biomedical engineering in order to enhance the quality of health care worldwide;

(f) assist Developing Countries to achieve appropriate levels of science and technology in medical physics and biomedical engineering;

(g) provide suitable channels for the exchange of information between nations.

Members may adhere to IUPESM in one of the following categories:

(a) constituent organizations,

(b) national members, and

(c) affiliates

Constituent Organizations: shall be international non- governmental organizations which fully adhere to all the tenets of the IUPESM and fully support all its endeavors.

The founding Constituent Organizations of the IUPESM are the International Federation for Medical and Biological Engineering and the International Organization for Medical Physics.

National Members: Any country having adherence with any of the Constituent Organizations.

A National Member shall be the designated representative of a scientific academy, research council, scientific institution or an association of such institutions. The designated representatives shall represent the fields of physical and engineering sciences in medicine in that particular country.

Affiliates: Affiliates may adhere to IUPESM in the following categories:

(a) associations

(b) corporations

Affiliate Associations shall be scientific, non-governmental associations having activities in the field of physical and engineering sciences in medicine.

Affiliate Corporations shall be companies with an interest in medical physics or biomedical engineering.

The governing bodies of the IUPESM shall be:

(a) The General Assembly

(b) The IUPESM Council

The composition and function of these bodies are defined in Sections 5 and 6 below.

The General Assembly, to which the IUPESM Council is responsible, consists of the representatives of the Constituent Organizations, the National Members, and representatives of the affiliates.

The General Assembly is the highest authority of IUPESM and shall determine its general policy.

The functions of the General Assembly shall be:

(a) to provide guidance for the administration of the IUPESM;

(b) to review, accept or reject recommendations of the Council;

(c) to elect Officers and Ordinary Members of IUPESM Council;

(d) to amend the Statutes and Bylaw of the IUPESM;

(e) to approve the audited accounts of the IUPESM;

(f) to ratify the creation or dissolution of Standing Committees, Special Committees, Commissions and other appropriate bodies recommended by the IUPESM Council;

(g) to approve applications for membership;

(h) to expel any member or associate of IUPESM which has failed to fulfil its obligation;

(i) to deal with any other item that may be referred to it.

Sessions of the General Assembly and voting procedures used by the delegates shall be as designated in the Bylaws.

The activities of the IUPESM shall be administered by a Council which shall consist of:

(a) the Officers as specified in Bylaw (3.1), and

(b) Ordinary Members as specified in the Bylaws (4.5.1)

Each Officer and Ordinary Member of Council shall have one vote with the exception of the President who shall only vote in the event of a tie.

The Council shall be empowered to act on behalf of the IUPESM but shall be responsible to the General Assembly for its actions.

The Council conducts the business of the IUPESM between sessions of the General Assembly. The business of the Council may be conducted at meetings or by correspondence.

The Council may establish or dissolve Committees, etc., and appoint Chairmen and Members to them. This should be ratified at the next General Assembly Meeting.

The funds of the IUPESM are obtained from:

(a) the dues of its Members according to the Bylaws

(b) subventions, donations, levies and legacies accepted by the Council on behalf of IUPESM, and

(c) revenue from investment

No Officer or Ordinary Member of Council shall bear individual responsibility for the Corporate debts and liabilities of the IUPESM or any of its Commissions or Committees.

A Constituent Organization, National Member, or Affiliate member wishing to withdraw from the IUPESM must give three months’ notice to the Secretary-General.

The General Assembly may, with the approval of at least two- thirds of those voting, expel a Constituent Organization, National Member, or Affiliate member for failure to fulfil its obligations. Voting may be by mail ballot or at a General Assembly meeting, and a quorum must be achieved.

If it is proposed to dissolve the IUPESM, the Secretary- General of each Constituent Organization, the National Members and Affiliates must be notified at least six months before a decisive vote is to be taken.

A two-thirds majority of those voting is required, either by mail ballot or at a General Assembly meeting.

In the event that the Union is dissolved the assets of the Union shall revert to the Constituent Organizations, National Members and Affiliates in proportion to their support of the Union over the previous two years.

Proposed amendments shall be circulated to the General Assembly delegates at least four months before a vote, and shall require approval by two-thirds of those voting. Voting may be my mail ballot or at a General Assembly meeting, and a quorum must be achieved.

Approved by General Assembly mailballoted July 15, 1992

Published by:

The International Union for Physical and Engineering Sciences in Medicine
Heikki Terio, Ph.D., Secretary General
Department of Biomedical Engineering
Karolinska University Hospital
SE-141 86 Stockholm
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e-mail: heikki.terio @

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