IUPESM Appointed Bodies 2018 – 2021

Congress Coordinating Committee

The duty of the Congress Coordinating Committee is to coordinate all activities relating to the selection of sites and execution of the triennial World Congress on Medical Physics and Biomedical Engineering to assure that the Congress fulfils the goals of the IUPESM.

  • James Goh (Chair. IFMBE, Singapore)
  • Kin Yin Cheung (Co-Chair, IUPESM, Hong Kong)

Policy documents on Site selection: Procedures and Voting Example

Nominating Committee

The duties of the Nominating Committee are to nominate at least one candidate for each position on the Council. These names which will be submitted for election to the IUPESM Assembly in addition to those names submitted by each Constituent Organization. Each Constituent Organization has the right to nominate one candidate for each available position.

  • Kin Yin Cheung (Chair, IUPESM, Hong Kong)
Awards Committee

The duties of the Awards Committee are to administer all awards programs of the IUPESM, including the Awards of Merit.

  • Slavik Tabakov (Chair, IUPESM, UK)

The Awards of Merit has been presented since 1988.

See the List of the AwardeesAwards Committee Bylaws
ISC Liaison Committee
  • James Goh (Chair, IFMBE, Singapore)
Education and Training Committee
  • Geoff Ibbott (Chair, IOMP, USA)
  • Timo Jamsa (Co-Chair, IFMBE, Finland)
Health Technology Task Group (HTTG)
  • Stephen F. Keevil (Chair, IOMP, UK)
  • Leandro Pecchia (Co-Chair, IUPESM, UK)
>> more on HTTG
Union Journal Committee
  • Ratko Majgarevic (Chair, IFMBE, Croatia)
Public and International Relations Ad-hoc Committee
  • Kang Ping Lin (Chair, IFMBE, Chinese Taipei)
  • Virginia Tsapaki, (Co-Chair, IOMP, Greece)
Women in Medical Physics and Biomedical Engineering Task Group
  • Eva Bezak, Chair, IOMP, Australia
  • Lenka Lhotská, Co-chair, IFMBE, Czech Republic
  • Virginia Tsapaki, IOMP, Greece
  • Gilda Barabino, IFMBE, USA
  • Loredana Marcu, IOMP, Romania
  • Monique Frize, IFMBE, Canada
  • Eleni Kaldoudi, IFMBE, Greece
  • Ana Maria Marques da Silva, IOMP, Brazil
  • Fatimah Ibrahim, IFMBE, Malaysia
WC2021 Liaison
  • Sierin Lim, Singapore
  • Peck-Ha Tan, Singapore

>> more on WiMPBE

IUPESM Data Committee
  • Marc Nyssen (Chair, IFMBE, Belgium)
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